(The actually free)

3D Box Shot Maker

With this free tool you can easily generate quality 3D box shots for your online products.
Its absolutely free for any purpose (commercial included), and comes with no watermarks or other nonesense.
Credits (link to this site) will be appreciated but not mandatory.

For questions feel free to drop an email to ronen.ness@gmail.com.
Source code can be found here.

~ Enjoy! ~


Select textures for your product box.


Select rendering background color.



Ambient light

Ambient light is the general light of the scene.


Directional light

Directional light is a light that goes from the camera position straight forward, like a flashlight.

If you want a different source use the camera to set position and lock it via the "lock position" checkbox.

Directional light:

Point light

A point light that floats in a position relative to the camera. You can set its position, color and strength to add special effects.




Box Settings


Here you can configure the material of the box.


Shine color:


Set box size and propotions.

Box width:

Box height:

Box depth:


Select pre-defined camera position & angle:

Save Image

Here you can save your final product image and start using it!
Click on 'Generate Image' to create your image in the desired size.

To save image, right click on the image above and select "Save Image As..", or alternatively, click here.

You may use the result image for any personal and / or commercial purpose. No attribution required (although appreciated).

Close Window

Camera controls:

  • Hold down left mouse button to rotate camera.
  • Hold down right mouse button to move camera.
  • Use middle mouse button (scroller) to zoom in/out.

  • Made by Ronen Ness, 2016.